How do I Prepare for an MRI?

First be certain that it is safe for you to have an MRI scan.

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you may take your medications as usual. There are no food or drink restrictions.

PM, Phlips, Medical, Hospital, Location, Utrecht, ziekenhuisWear the right clothing. Metal objects on your person can degrade or ruin MRI pictures. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing (no dresses or skirts for modesty reasons), but keep in mind that metal must be avoided in or near the region where you are going to be scanned. “Sweats” are recommended.

If you are going to have a scan of the lower spine (lumbar spine) or the abdomen area, don’t wear clothing or under-clothing that has metal on it in that area. For example, a body suit that has snaps in the crotch, or pants with fasteners or a zipper will cause a problem. Sweats with no eyelets would be fine. Also, body-pierced jewelry in that region must be removed.

If you are having a scan in the head or neck area, remove all makeup (some makeup has metallic particles in it) and all metallic items such as hair clips, earrings, and facial jewelry, including body-pierced items. Notify the technologist if you have any facial tattoos, such as eyeliner or eyebrow tattoos.

If you are having a scan in the chest area, or upper torso, avoid clothing and under-clothing with metal hooks or fasteners. For example, a sweatshirt with metallic decorations or body-pierced jewelry in that region will cause a problem

But don’t worry. If you don’t have suitable clothing, we will give you a gown.

Leave all removable metallic objects outside the scanning room:
• cell phones
• jewelry
• keys
• watches
• coins
• eyeglasses
• hearing aids
• dentures and prosthetic devices
• credit/bank cards (The MRI can corrupt the information stored on them)

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